Проектная работа участника II-ой открытой школьной


дистанционной конференции ученических проектов

Муниципальное образовательное учреждение

средняя общеобразовательная школа №32

«Ассоциированная школа ЮНЕСКО «Эврика – развитие»

г. Волжский Волгоградской области

Проект "Центр образовательных технологий"

Ресурсный центр "ИКТ в образовательном процессе"

Школа № 32 "Эврика-развитие" г. Волжского

Борисова Дарья, Сосновщенко Валерия , 2009


E-mail: proekt-evrika@bk.ru

Подпись: The cultural life in Volzhsky is rather active and intensive. There are two palaces of culture, where many famous actors and singers perform. Many children go to different hobby clubs. There are some amateur theatres such as Hobbiton and children theatre Arlekin. The most out-Standing orchestra of our town is the orchestra of folk instruments, which is all over the country and even abroad. There
are many museums in Volzhsky, such as the museum of history. The museum of Kazaks and the
museum of Cosmonautics. There are 2 art galleries in Volzhsky too. There are Exhbiting hall and
the Municipal Art Gallery. Volzhsky is a tourist centre. There are many tourists' campings
situated on the flood-lands of the Akhtuba river.
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